Pure nature

Krachimir is a small village with around 10 mainly older residents located at the end of a valley in north-west Bulgaria. It is 200 km away from Sofia, 75 km away from the towns of Vidin and Montana and 15 km away from the nearest town Belogradchik.
In Stakevtsi, a village 5 km away is the nearest shop and café.
The name Krachimir means "walking in peace". During the weekends and holidays other houses are inhabited by Bulgarian families. There are no stores or restaurants.

A small river runs on the site, in which trout swim and in the summer you can find the necessary cooling. Some guests do not use a shower but like to wash in the river!
Making contact is not always easy because of the language, but the villagers are curious enough to want to communicate with everyone.
If desired, an interpreter is available in Belogradchik.

Walks are possible in the surroundings of the house. In Borovitsa (12 km from Krachimir) there is an excellent "Winary" where excellent wine can be purchased and wine tastings can be organized on request. There are various monasteries in the area.

The environment of this city is characterized by special rock formations. In it, (prehistoric) caves have been formed. The fortress of Belogradchik is situated amidst the rocks. Here too there are marked hiking and mountain bike routes. Electric mountain bikes can be rented. Climbing on the rocks is possible, 4x4 trips between the rocks and balloon flights are offered. In July / August there is an open-air music festival for a month with opera, musical and ballet performances.

There is a simple hospital. Furthermore, all necessities of life are for sale. There are excellent restaurants in Belogradchik. The prices are unbelievably low for western Europeans. For us it is still incredible that this beautiful area has so little tourism.

Pure nature
The region is ideal for nature lovers, from the house you can spot birds of prey, there are also wheel pastures owls, nightingales and orioles. We see fire salamanders, lizards and turtles on the site. The orchids flower in May and the Bulgarian wild herbs are famous for their high quality. Everything is ripe in the autumn, tomatoes, peppers and grapes are intensely sweet.