Holiday purposes
We are happy to offer our house and the beautiful place for rent. The place can be used for holiday purposes, from singles to groups of up to 20 people.

The house and the barn
In 2019 we were able to buy and renovate the house across the river in addition to our own house. This house is on the road and is very sunny. It is suitable for 7 people, there are 5 beds and 2 extra mattresses. 
We have decided to rent only this house and the barn, located on the south side of the river.
The terrain of the new house is also approximately 3000 m2. The house consists of 2 floors. 
There is a toilet, shower, you can cook on a 2-burner stove, there is a microwave, fridge / freezer and a wood stove with oven.
The upstairs bedrooms are heated with electric heaters.

Next to the house there is a "barn" on the "old site": a large barn suitable for working with groups. The upper floor has an area of ​​approximately 100 square meters and further down there are a toilet, kitchen and a sitting room.
A wood burning stove is available in the sitting room. On the upper floor there is room to work with a group of approximately 20 people. Accommodation is possible in self-brought tents. An additional toilet and shower are available on site.
There is no heating on the upper floor. This means that the barn can only be rented from May to October.
Both sites are connected with a pedestrian bridge.

Rental, costs
The house can be rented via airbnb. The costs are from € 50 per night. This is excluding € 15 cleaning costs and € 100 deposit. If you want to rent the house for several nights, a lower rate is possible.
For questions please email with

The silence and emptiness in the area lend themselves well to a sabatical. In consultation, an adjusted price for a longer rental period is possible.

Overnight stay in the area
Simple hotels can be found in the town of Belogradchik, 15 km away. See for example › house-drakite-992